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The GBBO 2019 round-up: 1920s Week

We headed to the roaring 1920s this week and TWO bakers left the tent. It's 1920s week on The Great British Bake Off and there were tears and tiers aplenty.

Image credit: © Love Productions. Ep5. Helena and Sandi.

25th Sep 2019

We headed to the roaring 1920s this week and TWO bakers left the tent...

It's 1920s week on The Great British Bake Off and there were tears - and tiers - aplenty. *WARNING – CONTAINS SPOILERS* [caption id="attachment_23018" align="aligncenter" width="600"]1920s week © Love Productions.Ep5. Steph.[/caption]

The Signature

The first challenge the bakers were asked to make custard pies with the decoration reflecting the 1920s theme. Think art deco, flapper girls... or sea monsters! Yes, that's right, Helena (eternal Halloween queen) went with an ancient greek sea creature emerging from her custard pies. While this didn't at first seem to fit the theme (although suited Helena down to a T), she explained over Twitter that they were in fact related to the 1920s. Henry explained how Kool-Aid, the American fruit drink, began in the 1920s. He used lemon and lime in his pies to reflect the first flavours of Kool-Aid. Rosie, the vet, brought in her horse vaccine syringes especially, to inject flower designs into the jelly that was to sit on top of her blackberry custard pies. Michelle was busy baking her blueberry and white chocolate creme brulee pie, while Steph described she was using citrus this week, making a zesty custard made of lemon-lime and orange. In fact, many of the bakers were utilising citrus this week, with Alice's orange-infused custard in chocolate pastry, Michael's mango and lime custard in ginger pastry, and Priya's lemon and raspberry pies in lemon shortcrust. However, David was sticking to plain custard pies but went all out on the decoration with intricate flapper girl designs. Michael continued to struggle this week, spouting more iconic one-liners!   Rosie and Noel had a lovely chat about her job as a vet; "rabbits just want to die". But disaster then struck the tent, as Rosie's pie went flying! HOLLYWOOD HANDSHAKE ALERT! The drama continued as the judges loved David's "exquisite" pies. And we don't blame them. Priya once again ran out of time, which meant her decoration was rushed and pastry too thick. Alice's pies overdid it on the orange - using orange zest, essence and extract. Steph's were simply "beautiful", but Michelle's "didn't work" as her blueberry couldn't be tasted. Henry's pastry was also very thick and also overbaked. Helena's pies turned out "not bad. Not brilliant, but not bad", according to Paul. Lastly, Rosie's matcha pies were deemed too "damp". [caption id="attachment_23019" align="aligncenter" width="600"] © Love Productions. Ep5. Helena and Sandi.[/caption]

The Technical

Moving on to the technical and heads were in hands once again as the judges announced they wanted 18 beignets soufflés, with a zabaione side. As the bakers struggled with another difficult technical (remember the Maids of Honour disaster last week?!), they worked out that they needed to make choux pastry. Each baker made use of the deep fat fryer they were given, but with differing results. Alice's balls got burnt, while David spat his out after testing them. Michael was really not happy and panicked over his beignets. Unfortunately, the results were once again disastrous, with no-one really getting it right. David came last, with Michael following close behind as Paul described his choux as "more like bellinis". Priya came second, with Helena winning her first technical!

The Showstopper

The last challenge for 1920s week was to make a 'prohibition era' cake. Two tiers were needed, with the flavours and decoration to be based on the bakers' favourite cocktails. Once again, the timing was everything, as Paul advised for at least an hour (out of the 4) to be used on decoration. Helena's cake would be based on Dracula which came out in 1922. Her cocktail was 'Vampire's Kiss' and it would have a raspberry vodka centre to imitate blood. David explained that he doesn't drink but has chosen an amaretto sour. Whereas, Henry's White Russian cake would involved a lot of coffee. It became clear quite quickly that pina colada was a popular flavour as Michelle, Priya, Alice and Steph all opted for it. Alice, at least, aimed to add a bit of a twist by basing it on a pineapple upside-down cake. As time ran out the bakers struggled with the heat, as buttercream started to melt and placing the top tiers was a precarious balancing act. The judges began with Michael, who had a lovely purple ombre on his blackberry cake. But that wasn't enough for the judges as Paul commented that while he "may have got the colour, but certainly haven't got the flavour". Helena's showstopper was described as a "mixture of sinister and very pretty" by Prue. Paul was not impressed with the piping work "not good" or the inside "bland and dry". Ouch. Henry's White Russian looked "very dramatic", and had good flavour, but was dry. Rosie's gained high praise from Prue as "one of the most interesting looking cakes I've seen in a long time", but unfortunately her chocolate ganache was too thick. David's amaretto sour had a good strong flavour, but the buttercream was "grainy", according to Paul. Alice's art deco cake "close up looks a bit of a mess", commented Prue. Her flavours were nice but overall her effort was clumsy. The decoration didn't improve with Priya's cake either, as it looked "rushed", with her fondant being too thick. Paul really liked Steph's "clever" sour lime sponges, and Michelle's decoration was "really interesting and pretty", began Prue. But perhaps Michelle "overthought it", using too many concepts in her decoration. It had a nice texture but seemed to also be too dry. The star baker for 1920s week was once again Steph. Then, to everyone's shock, two bakers were sent home. The internet imploded as it was announced that Michelle and Helena were leaving the tent. People were not happy! But the announcement that next week is Dessert Week helped lift the spirits as we glimpsed puddings and chocolate! That's it for this week folks, see you next Wednesday!

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