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The GBBO 2019 round-up: Biscuit Week

The Great British Bake Off's second episode was about all things biscuits!It was Biscuit Week on Bake Off last night, and the bakers faced some challenges.

Image credit: © Love Productions. Ep2. Sandi, Prue, Paul and Jamie.

4th Sep 2019

The Great British Bake Off's second episode was about all things biscuits!

It was Biscuit Week on Bake Off last night, and the bakers faced some challenges while trying to impress the judges. *WARNING – CONTAINS SPOILERS* [caption id="attachment_22645" align="aligncenter" width="800"] © Love Productions. Ep2. Henry, Paul, Prue and Sandi.[/caption]

The Signature

For the signature, the bakers were asked to make Chocolate Biscuit Bars. Paul said that success was all about timing, with the chocolate needing to be cooled sufficiently before adding the chocolate. Noel. Sandi, Prue and Paul first spoke to Henry, noting that it was perhaps the first time someone has worn a tie in the tent! Many of the bakers chose to focus on coffee or caramel biscuits, but Helena uniquely decided to make some witch fingers! As the countdown was on, many of the biscuits started to crumble! But Bake Off proved why it is such a special show, as the bakers all rushed to help one another. After the break came the verdicts from Paul and Prue. Michelle's Raspberry Bakewell Bars earned an "exceptional" from Paul, although no handshakes were given out. David's biscuits were described as 'sloughy' by David, a word he explained meant like the pus from a wound. Phil's biscuits were deemed a bit messy from Paul. "Thank you", replied Phil. Jamie's biscuits had too much caramel, meaning the biscuits somewhat fell apart.

The Technical

[caption id="attachment_22647" align="aligncenter" width="800"] © Love Productions. Ep2. Alice.[/caption] For the Technical, Fig Rolls were the star of the show. Some of the bakers seemed to struggle with the numbers. Michael almost made only 6, until it was pointed out they needed 12. Unfortunately, Helena seemed to be missing one when it came down to the last few minutes. Helena came last, closely followed by Jamie, as Paul questioned why he egg-washed the fig rolls. The challenge was won by Alice. Her rolls were "baked almost perfectly".

The Showstopper

Moving on to the last challenge, which was to make a 3D Biscuit Sculpture. Helena began by explaining she was making a 'spider coming out of an egg', which the people of Twitter were excited for. Rosie, the vet, was to make her favourite chicken in biscuit form. Other animal sculptures included Steph's ginger cat, Phil's tortoise, Alice's New Zealand lamb, and Michael's Highland cow. Both Priya and Michelle were to make dragons, with Michelle's being inspired by her Welsh roots. Jamie decided to make a guitar, and Henry's organ idea was ripe for innuendos. The judges were impressed by Rosie's chicken, and liked Helena's artistic take on the challenge ("Unbelievable", said Paul). David's 'Wedding Spray' flowers were highly praised as well as Alice's lamb. Unfortunately, Jamie's guitar was "clumsy-looking" according to Prue. Alice was named the Star Baker, with Jamie being the one to leave. Next week is bread week! Have a look at some of our bread recipes to get prepared. See you next week!
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