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Toe cake: horrific or impressively realistic?

Image credit: Caters News Agency

3rd Apr 2019

Fair warning, the below toe cake is very gross... look away now if you've got a delicate stomach!

Every one has something that creeps them out - especially when it comes to human anatomy. A quick office poll at Food Heaven HQ shows that toes are a sure-fire way to make most people gag - and it's fair to say that this cake encapsulates this feeling fully.   Created by interior designer Tanya Nisa, her passion for gory cakes was inspired by the film Hannibal. All entirely edible - if you can brave it - her bakes cover all kinds of body parts, from gnarly toes to a pierced belly button and severed head. [caption id="attachment_21339" align="aligncenter" width="540"]belly button toe cake Caters News Agency[/caption]   While her family can't stand the cakes and ask for them to be kept out of sight, the bakes have been going down a storm online. Speaking to Carters News Agency, Nisa said:
"I can get a bit scared looking at them because my creations end up looking so life-like. But I just have to cut into them to prove it’s a cake. "People’s reactions are hilarious – they either hate them and don’t believe it’s a cake or love it. ‘Some people have even called me a cannibal.'"
[caption id="attachment_21340" align="aligncenter" width="540"]toe cake Caters News Agency[/caption]   While probably a harsh insult, the cakes are incredibly lifelike - for better or worse!

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