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Top 10 alternative Christmas cakes

Don't get us wrong - we've nothing against snowmen or reindeer. But sometimes, you want something more sophisticated. Try these alternative Christmas cakes.

7th Nov 2018

Who says you need Santa to bake festive?

Don't get us wrong - we've nothing against jolly old Father Christmas, chipper snowmen or a herd of reindeer. But... but just sometimes, you might get a hankering for something a little more sophisticated - especially if you're looking for some centrepiece inspiration. That's where this top ten comes in. We've scoured the internet to show you some of the best alternative Christmas cakes we've come across - and hopefully you'll agree, they're still perfectly festive without a snowman in sight! Have a creation of your own that'd sit happily amongst this lovely bunch? Let us know over on the Cake Decorating Heaven Facebook page!

Gold and deep claret cake by Claire Owen Cakes

Gold, bronze and claret red tones are the perfect, understated tones for a festive but not in-your-face Christmas cake. Though a tiered cake might be a little elaborate for a Christmas cake, it wouldn't be too taxing to create a single tier using the tones and decoration as inspiration!

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Speckled macaron tower

Who said a Christmas cake has to strictly be, well, cake? This macaron tower would certainly be a crowd-pleaser at any festive gathering, and the speckled effect works perfectly with the pine cone and fir branch styling. Don't forget - macarons can always be coloured if you would prefer to bring in some more of the red and green festive tones!

alternative Christmas cakes

Chocolate blackout shard cake by Noisette Bakehouse

While chocolate is a year-round love affair over here, there's no denying its strong relationship with Christmas too. This chocolate blackout cake is decorated with chocolate shards, brownie and swiss meringue - a festive dream in our eyes! Looking to make it a tiny bit more Christmassy? Try adding holly, mistletoe or eucalyptus sprigs for a styled finish (but obviously... remove before serving!)

alternative christmas cakes

Black sesame seed deer cake by Lily Vanilli

Who knew that a cake coated in black sesame seeds could look so festive?! We love the unique look on this cake, and even the addition of the adorable chocolate deer doesn't stop this bake looking delightfully different.

alternative christmas cake

Berry and vanilla cake by Black Day Bakes

You don't have to reply on whimsical characters to ensure a bake looks festive, as shown in this delightful creation. Berries, mint leaves and pinky red tones dusted in icing sugar screams Christmas! Can you believe it - this cake is vegan too!

alternative christmas cakes

Woodland creature winter cake

After some winter-themed inspiration that doesn't even touch on Christmas? This cake is your answer. Not only does the perfectly rustic white-iced cake look like a snowy wonderland, it's the festive scene created from creature biscuits, candles, almond 'pine cones' and rosemary sprigs that all add to the effect. Simple to create, but so effective!

 alternative christmas cakes

Monochrome scallop cake by Claire Owen Cakes

Whether it's the candy stripes, the dots or the scalloping, this cake packs a powerful, show-stopping appearance - making it the perfect candidate for an alternative Christmas cake. You don't need to have snowflakes to be reminded of snowy scenes!

alternative Christmas cakes

Salted caramel apple cake by Fork in the Kitchen

If you don't have time for an elaborately decorated bake, but still want to make your own alternative Christmas cake, this could be a winner. It's simple, pared back and easy to make, but will have your guests salivating when the salted caramel sauce is poured over the top.

alternative christmas cake

Salt caramel, vanilla and berry cake by Lily Vanilli

Feather-light vanilla cake. Vanilla buttercream. Salted caramel drip. Winter berries and leaves. Need we say more? This is the epitome of an alternative Christmas cake, and needless to say we'd LOVE to be offered a slice of this on Boxing Day!

Alternative Christmas cake

Gingerbread village cake by Karen Davies Sugarcraft

Okay, okay - this probably is a little more toward the conventional Christmas cake category, but just look at the beautiful gingerbread decorations! Still without a penguin, polar bear or elf in sight, this cake exudes winter vibes, which is our justification for including it on this list!

alternative Christmas cake

Feeling festive? Take a look at all of our Christmas projects here. Tra la la la la, la la la laaaaa!

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