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Top 10 Chocolate Easter Eggs

From elegant and simple to downright extravagant, we've got your Easter egg gifts covered. So many exceptional eggs made from exceptional chocolate!

Image credit: Chocolate and pink easter eggs in basket on light background.

10th Apr 2017

From elegant and simple to downright extravagant, we've got your Easter egg gifts covered...

Dark Chocolate Venezuelan Egg

An exceptional egg made from exceptional chocolate! We tried and tested this Venezuelan Swiss chocolate egg and it was glorious! The dark chocolate is delicious and we love the smart piped decoration too. It's definitely to be enjoyed by adults, very sophisticated!

£25.00, Bettys


Milk Chocolate Button Egg

We love a little fun in our Easter egg! Crack this egg open and discover some delicious chocolate buttons. Perfect for both children and adults, this egg is bound to be a hit with everyone. It's not too pricey either!

£9.99, Montezuma's

Italian Chocolate Feast

We love the spring-like coloured packaging Carluccio's have used for their Easter egg! In pure Italian style this show-stopping hollow milk chocolate egg comes with milk chocolate and hazelnut gianduiotti chocolates hidden inside.

The hazelnut gianduiotti chocolates have a wonderfully creamy texture, this would make a fabulous gift!

 £19.95 available in Carluccio’s food shops nationwide


Speckled Egg

Give this box of sweet delights to your best friend this Easter.

£19.99, James Chocolate


Crack it open

No it's not an egg we simply collected from the chicken shed, this huge shell is pure chocolate! Thick dark chocolate hand-sprayed with natural colours to make it look as if it were laid by a giant, chocoholic hen.

£20, Heston from Waitrose

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Statement Swirls

This egg is made from the finest milk chocolate, swirled with a dark and white chocolate design.

£15, Thorntons



Chocolate liquorice

Dulce de leche chocolate coated liquorice is crafted into egg shapes and dusted with shimmering metallic glitter. These are also gluten free with a tantalising raw powder finish!

£26.99, LAKRIDS

Easter Eggs

Secret Prosecco

Hand-made Belgian milk chocolate shell, beautifully decorated with dark chocolate piping. Open up and you’ll find 6 tasty Prosecco truffles that are made with a delicious chocolate ganache and premium grappa prosecco.

£25, The London Chocolate Company

Easter Eggs

Masterpiece Matcha Egg

Half Matcha Green Tea & Sea Salt Caramel Chocolate – this handmade egg is from master chocolatiers Paxton's. Caitlin Paxton set up the business upon graduating as a Pastry Chef from the Cordon Bleu.

£18, Paxton Chocolate

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