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Wedding Cake Trends: Beaded Cakes

2nd Mar 2017

Want to impress all the crowds at your wedding? This is how you will make a real statement...

Why not opt for a beaded design? It will definitely create the wow factor you are looking for.

This incredible beaded wedding cake is by Claire Owen Cakes

Claire Kemp Cake Studio is a new Cake Designer based in Sheffield. Claire’s cake designs are nothing short of breathtaking, with contemporary lines, fresh colourways and a ‘fresh interpretation of cake design’. They are absolutely good enough to eat! Here is one of her latest beaded designs, looking very Great Gatsby! Image: Claire Kemp Weddings

Opt for a chic and timeless 20s palette of gold and white with signature pendants leading up to the floral design on the upper two tiers. Image: Cake Whisperer

Such a stunning Gatsby-jewelled wedding cake! Image: Found at Sheerluxe

beaded cakes

Decadent gold bollywood-esque beaded cake by Curtis & Co. Cakes

Circle beads and frills, the perfect combination for a eye-catching wedding cake. By The Cake Parlour

beaded cakes

Shells and seaside theme by The Vagabond Baker

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 beaded cakes

Satin effect tiered cakes by The Vagabond Baker

beaded cakes

Art Deco pink pastel hexagon cake, Image: Found on Weddbook

Simple but stunning white chocolate rose buttercream cake

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