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Yorkshire bakery creates complete range of unicorn bakes

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28th Feb 2017

We can't get away from it, every Facebook feed, every Instagram, even lattes and burgers are now unicorn themed.

[caption id="attachment_12370" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Image: Helen Mallik[/caption]
The internet has been invaded by magical, rainbow coloured, pastel-hued creations. This unicorn trend is it possibly the best thing since sliced bread, it's blooming lovely. It's even hit the depths of West Yorkshire. One baker has gone all-out, over the top 'unicorn' with an entire range of sweet treats dedicated to the mythical creature.
Ilkley local, Helen Mallik is the wonderful woman behind Popalicious Cake Pops, and she explained to that the designs developed about after a huge spike in enquiries over the last few months.
“I was getting emails every couple of days, which seemed crazy,” she explains. “I've got two boys so some of the current trends pass me by a little, and I hadn't realised quite how big the unicorn trend was.
The selection features unicorn party pops, unicorn-shaped cake pops, and rainbow sprinkle pops. [caption id="attachment_12372" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Image: Popalicious Cake Pops[/caption]
And if you prefer your magical bake stick-less, there are themed gift boxes, rainbow cake pods and chocolate sprinkle cake pods (plus Mallik can make whole unicorn cakes to order if you so request one). And not to worry if you don’t live in't North and won't be able to say ayeup to the lass in person – Mallik runs the business from home and doesn’t have a premises to visit, instead pops and pods can be ordered online and delivered nationwide. [caption id="attachment_12374" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Image: Popalicious Cake Pops[/caption]
Mallik started Popalicious in 2012 and has seen a steady rise in business thanks to her cartoon creations. Among other things, the baker has successfully created well-known characters such as Shopkins and My Little Pony, as well as various other creations including eggs with a ‘yolk’ in the middle. She says: “The egg cake pops were a big hit, so I had this in mind when designing the unicorns and decided to make the cake inside rainbow colours. “I do try to be a little different to other cake poppers, I like to push the boundaries with what's possible with the actual structure and design of the cake pop. “You'll often find me in strange positions trying to get a complicated design of cake pop fully coated before it dries!” This story first appeared on Stylist
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