The Ultimate Tea Cake Recipe for National Tea Day

With #NationalTeaDay celebrated every year on 21st April in the UK, we've got the ultimate tea cake recipe for you!

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It's one of the most contentious subjects in the UK... How to make the perfect cup of tea? We're not ones for starting fights here at Cake Decoration and Sugarcraft, so instead, let us all unite over the perfect tea cake recipe! 

This quick recipe is a family tea cake that's a treat for all, easy to make and a winner in any situation, from a light tea party to a hangover cure! 

National Tea Day is celebrated on 21st of April every year in the UK (not that we need a reason to enjoy a cuppa!), but it is a lovely reminder to celebrate our favourite tea and in a delicious way, with cake! Serve this loaf with a pot of your favourite loose leaf tea for a satisfying treat for family, friends and strangers alike. It's oh-so moreish and guilt free being so low in fat, we recommend baking two at a time, as one is never enough!

Your Ultimate Tea Cake Recipe

You will need:


2 x tea bags (I like Earl Grey or Rooibos)

125 golden caster sugar or light muscovado (Billingtons)

300g mixed dried fruit

100g dried cranberries

1 x large egg, beaten

225g self-raising flour

zest and juice of one unwaxed lemon

unsalted butter for the tins and to serve


900g/2lb loaf tin

baking parchment


The day before you bake

1 In a heatproof bowl or jug, pour 300ml of boiling water over your tea bags to infuse. Leave to brew for five minutes before removing bags. Stir in the sugar until dissolved. Add your fruits and leave to soak for at least twelve hours.

Time to bake

2 Preheat oven to 180°C/ 160°C fan/ gas mark 4 and line your loaf tin after greasing with a little butter.

3 Add the egg, flour, lemon zest and juice to the fruit mix and stir to combine. Pour into the prepared tin.

4 Bake for one hour or until a skewer when inserted, comes away clean. Leave to cool in the tin.

5 If you want an extra layer of flavour, make a little glace icing with some more lightly brewed tea, lemon zest and icing sugar then drizzle across the loaf.


Slice and slather with butter, then serve with more hot tea!

Try this recipe today and put an end to all fights on how to make a cup of tea - nothing brings us together more as a nation that cake does!

Although, if you like a good debate... which are you?

Tea debate

Don't forget, there's always oodles of inspiration in any issue of Cake Decoration & Sugarcraft magazine!

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