Rice Krispies Sweetie Cake

See their eyes light up when you ask the children to help make this striking Rice Krispies celebration cake.

See their eyes light up when you ask the children to help make this striking celebration cake. With no raw ingredients, they can enjoy licking the marshmallowy spoon! Rice Krispies Sweetie Cake  

Preparation time: 1 hour plus cooling

No baking required

Ingredients | Makes 1x 3 tier cake

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For the 20cm cake:
  • 55g butter
  • 235g marshmallows
  • 180g Rice Krispies
For the 15cm cake:
  • 30g butter
  • 135g marshmallows
  • 100g Rice Krispies
For the 10cm cake:
  • 15g butter
  • 85g marshmallows
  • 70g Rice Krispies
For decoration:
  • 100g dark chocolate
  • Small colourful sweets such as Skittles
  1. Grease and line the base and sides of 20cm, 15cm and 10cm round, deep cake tins with baking paper.
  2. For the cakes, don’t be tempted to make all three of them in one batch as it creates a lot of mixture that is difficult to combine. Starting with the 20cm cake, place the butter and marshmallows in a large pan and heat gently, stirring frequently until the mixture is melted and smooth. Remove from the heat and add the Rice Krispies stirring well to ensure they are evenly coated.
  3. Pour the mixture into the prepared 20cm tin and allow to cool for 2-3 mins before pressing down and levelling the top with the back of spoon. If the mixture sticks to the spoon allow to cool a little more before levelling.
  4. Make the 15cm cake and then the 10cm cake following Steps 2-3 then allow all three cakes to cool fully and set for approx 1-2 hours before turning out of the tins and removing the paper. Place the largest cake on a serving plate, stack the medium cake on top then add the smallest cake.
  5. For the decoration, melt the chocolate in a heatproof bowl over a pan of gently simmering water. Drizzle the melted chocolate around the top edge of each cake. Allow the chocolate to cool slightly and as it begins to firm up decorate with sweets.
TIP: * Allowing the cake mixture to cool before levelling stops it from sticking to the spoon. Alternatively lightly grease the spoon to prevent it from sticking or gently pat the mixture with a clean wet hand. * When pressing the cake mixture down, don’t make it too compact otherwise the cakes will be fairly solid. * The cake can be decorated with all sorts of sweets using either melted chocolate or icing to stick them in position so let the kids get creative with their design!

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