Twenty to Make: Mini Cupcakes

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Twenty to Make: Mini Cupcakes

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Twenty to Make: Mini Cupcakes
Lorna Fleming
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Full Description

Mini cupcakes are currently very popular and the enthusiasm for them shows no signs of waning! This book shows readers how to make 20 different themed mini cupcakes, ranging from a basic cupcake covered in buttercream and sprinkles, to mini cupcakes for weddings, Valentine's Day, birthdays and graduation days.

Cupcakes are fantastically popular, and are definitely here to stay. The internet is packed full of scrumptious recipes and images of beautifully decorated cupcakes, and the market is huge and hungry for more. Even the traditional wedding cake has had to give way to the rise of the humble cupcake, and everyone from professional bakers to home cooks are having a go. But if you've ever tried eating a cupcake elegantly at a party whilst holding a glass of champagne in the other hand, you'll understand why the mini cupcake is a popular and practical alternative to the standard cupcake for parties, weddings, corporate lunches, etc. involving a stand-up buffet. Mini cupcakes can be eaten in one mouthful, enabling you to carry on a conversation and keep hold of that all-important glass of bubbly at the same time.

  • Includes a standard cupcake recipe together with buttercream and sugar frosting recipes
  • Themes include birthdays, weddings, Christmas and Valentines Day
  • Achieveable by home bakers as well as offering inspiration to professional bakers