Twenty to Make: Sugar Brides & Grooms

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Follow the simple step-by-step instructions to make sugar brides and grooms to adorn any wedding cake...

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Twenty to Make: Sugar Brides & Grooms

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Twenty to Make: Sugar Brides & Grooms
Katrien van Zyl
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Full Description

The book is aimed at anyone from professional wedding cake decorators to amateur bakers tasked with making their own wedding cake, or that of a close relative or friend. It will provide ideas, inspiration and instructions for making the traditional bride and groom that adorns the top of the cake. There'll be ten grooms and ten matching brides to choose from, in a range of styles (including a more 'mature' couple!). At the start of the book, in place of the materials and tools we have historically included in these books, there'll be some general instruction on personalising hair styles, dress styles, colour and so on to match the happy couple.

  • Will appeal to professional and amateur bakers 
  • Homemade wedding cakes are currently very popular
  • Includes a variety of styles of brides and grooms to suit all tastes