Creating Flowers from Flowerpaste

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Follow step-by-step tutorials to create stunning flower paste floral displays to adorn cakes for all occasions.

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Creating Flowers from Flowerpaste

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Creating Flowers from Flowerpaste
Colette Laura May
The Crowood Press

Full Description

Flowers are a classically timeless way to decorate a cake for a special occasion. With flower paste there is no limit to the range of flowers, foliage or berries that can be created - both real and fantasy.

All that is required are the right materials, equipment and technique. In Creating flowers from flower paste, Colette Laura May guides the reader through step-by-step tutorials to create stunning floral displays to adorn cakes for all occasions.

With over 860 images, this book describes the equipment and materials required and demonstrates the essential techniques required to get started. It includes thirty-eight step-by-step tutorials for the creation of all aspects of floral displays: flowers, buds, leaves, foliage, berries and seedpods.

Finally, there is guidance on the creation of fantasy butterflies to enhance floral displays and instruction on the construction of seventeen specific sprays and arrangements. Includes templates and a useful list of suppliers.