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Winter bear cake topper

This winter bear cake topper might be exactly what you need for those upcoming winter celebrations!

For baby’s christening or first birthday, create this cute and cosy winter bear cake topper by Jan McClean from Cake & Sugarcraft Boutique.

Winter bear cake topper

Winter bear cake topper

Author Jan McClean


To decorate:

  • white modelling paste, or you can mix 50/50 Renshaw flower & modelling paste with white sugarpaste
  • small amount of brown paste for feet pads and nose
  • edible paste colours Sugarflair Autumn Leaf and Dusty Pink
  • small black sugar pearls (optional) or small amount of black paste for eyes
  • edible glue or water


  • scales
  • glue brush
  • pair of pliers
  • sharp knife or pizza cutter
  • scriber tool
  • cone tool
  • stitching tool optional
  • wooden skewer
  • sponge or dummy if using wooden skewer method
  • mini snowflake cutter, PME, (optional)


  1. Mix approx 170g (6oz) paste with Autumn Leaf gel until you get the desired light, creamy tan colour. 

  2. BODY

    Take 75g (3oz) of coloured paste and roll into a cone shape 8cm (3½in) tall (A). Place a skewer down through the neck into the sponge or dummy (B). TOP TIP I prefer to use a sponge as the bear is easier to lift off when ready to place on your cake. Trim the skewer leaving 2cm (¾in) at the top (C). 

  3. LEGS

    Take two pieces of paste, 16g (½oz) each, then roll a sausage 6cm (2¼in) long and slightly thinner at one end (D). Turn up 2cm (¾in) to form the foot (E), then attach the thinner end to the side of the body (F). 

  4. ARMS

    Take two pieces of paste, approx 8g (¼oz) each. Make a teardrop shape (G) and attach the thinner end to the side of the body (H) at the top of the neck. 


    With dark brown paste, make 6 tiny and two larger discs. Attach to the paws (H). 

  6. HEAD

    Roll 25g (1oz) paste into a ball. Check the size, then glue onto the body (I). 

  7. EARS 

    Make holes on top of the head with the cone tool and place a small amount of glue in the holes. Take two small pieces of paste, roll into balls and flatten (J). Pinch the paste at one end and place in the holes, then use the cone tool to attach in place.

  8. MUZZLE 

    Mould a tiny piece of coloured paste into a chunky triangle. Glue to the face (K).

  9. NOSE 

    Take a small piece of brown paste and make a fat triangle shape smaller than the muzzle. Attach as shown. (L) Mark the mouth with the scriber tool.

  10. EYES 

    Make small holes with the cone tool for the eyes. Put black edible pearls or tiny pieces of black paste in the holes. (L) Mark the eyebrows with the scriber tool to give expression and, if desired, add stitch marks with stitching tool.

  11. SCARF 

    Add dusky pink gel to some white paste enough for the scarf and hat. Roll out the dusky pink paste quite thinly and fold in half lengthways. Add detail with the scriber tool and cut the ends to resemble the fringe of a scarf. Leave to dry for a few minutes, then wrap around the bear’s neck (O).

  12. HAT 

    Make a cone shape 3cm (1¼in) wide by 4cm (1½in) high from pink paste (M). Make a hollow in the bottom with the cone tool, and mark detail with scriber tool (N). Add a strip of white paste around the bottom and make a round white bobble for the top of the hat. Glue in place as shown below (P).

  13. FLOWER 

    Roll up a narrow strip of pink paste to create a flower. Fix to the bear’s ear.

  14. To Finish, Roll out equal numbers of 2cm (¾in) white and pink paste balls. Add to the cake, and snowflakes as well, if desired.

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